How To Reduce The Temperature In Your Car On A Hot Day Using Window Film

In summer, temperatures can climb rapidly. Inside a closed vehicle that sits all day in the sun, the average temperature is about twenty degrees hotter than the temperature outside. If you have dark upholstery, like dark blue, black or brown, your car heats up faster than a convection oven in the summer time because it attracts more of the sun's rays and holds in more heat. To reduce the temperature in your car such that you are not drowning in your own sweat on your drive home, you can use window films. Here is how they work.

Deflecting the Sun's Rays

Despite the fact that darker colors tend to draw the sun's rays, the pale blue or brown of commercial window films are not as dark as you may think. In fact, they only appear dark when you are inside the vehicle looking out. This is also true of sunglasses, which, similar to the window films, deflect and reflect the majority of the sun's rays. When you are standing outside of the car, you cannot really tell that there is any sort of color on the window films at all. Additionally, the window films help create shade and shadows on the interior of the vehicle, which in turn reduces the interior temperature by about ten to fifteen degrees.

Asking for the Correct Product

There are several different products that fall under window films and tints.  In the auto industry, the product you would want to apply to your car windows to reduce the interior temperature in summer is called solar control window tint. This is the go-to product for cars, houses and business buildings that have a lot of windows. They reflect the sun's rays and deflect heat absorption, whereas the other products on the market absorb heat and spread it across the glass itself, heating up the glass and thereby heating the interior of your car, just more slowly. Avoid heating your car at all and ask for the solar control window tint.

Finding An Auto Detailer Or Auto Glass Specialist

Either of these two businesses is likely to have the product you want on your car's windows. Try asking the auto glass specialists first, since they deal in auto windows and auto glass products every day. An auto detailer may also have window tint film, as they often create custom looks and sell auto accessories in their line of work. For more information, visit a website like