Stalling & Transmission Problems: What Can Happen If You Don’t Get It Fixed

Does your car seem to stall a lot when you are driving it around? You may be having serious problems with the transmission that will only get worse if you don't take your car to a mechanic as soon as possible.

What Can Happen if a Car is Having Transmission Problems?

The main thing you can experience with a damaged transmission is the inability to move your car at all. The stalling may be a sign that the transmission is about to stop working. However, you may be able to avoid having to invest in a replacement transmission if you get minor problems fixed before they get out of hand.

 One of the reasons your car may be stalling is because there is not enough transmission fluid to work the torque converter. The torque converter needs the fluid to get power from the engine and give it to the transmission. If the transmission doesn't get the power it needs, it will be unable to power up the gears so they can give your car enough torque to operate.

Before the transmission goes out, your car might stop moving in certain directions. For instance, you may experience problems with driving backwards. The inability to drive backwards can make it frustrating to park at stores and not be able to leave when someone is parked in front of your car. You will have to drive forward to get out of the parking spot.

Why Should Someone Avoid Allowing a Transmission to Break Down?

You should avoid allowing the transmission to break all the way down because replacing it can be an expense that takes a huge hit on your finances. You can end up paying up to $6,000 for a transmission that is rebuilt, and the cost will only be higher if a new one is necessary. The amount you spend on a transmission will depend on the type of car that you have. The mechanics labor fee can have an effect on what you will pay as well.

It is important for you to get your transmission fluid changed or flushed on occasion to prevent the car from stalling. Get a flush if possible because it is more thorough than a change, and make sure it is done every two years. Take your car to a transmission repair mechanic promptly so he or she can diagnose and fix the problem before a new transmission is needed.