3 Tips For Keeping Your Car Battery From Freezing

When you are driving in the winter, you should always be cautious and aware of any rain, ice or snow. However, this is not the only thing to be concerned about in the cold weather. You also have to worry about your car battery. If your car battery freezes, you might find yourself stuck somewhere in the freezing cold with a car that refuses to start. Here are some ways to prevent that from happening.

Clean the Battery

One of the reasons a car battery will freeze is because there is oil, grease or debris stuck to the posts and terminals. These will freeze and can affect the entire battery. Before the cold season hits, take some time to clean the battery thoroughly, focusing on the posts and terminals. You can do this by using a box wrench to remove the battery terminals so you can reach the battery posts to clean them. You can also find a terminal cleaner that really gets the battery terminal as clean as possible. Continue cleaning until they have no build-up and look nice and shiny. Tighten the terminals when you're finished and connect them to the battery posts.

Check the Electrical System

The electrical system in your vehicle should also be checked before the winter season. If you are not familiar with car repair and maintenance, bring it into a mechanic to have it looked at. Even if your car battery is in good shape or relatively new, it could freeze if there are problems with your vehicle's electrical system. This happens when your battery is not fully charged due to problems with your alternator or other electrical elements of your vehicle. Making a habit of getting it checked before the frost sets in is a good idea.

Charge Your Battery

If you have been watching the forecast, and it tells you tonight is going to be an especially cold night, don't take your chances. You want your battery to be fully charged, so use a battery charger to make it happen before the cold sets in. The less charge there is on a battery, the more likely it is to freeze. While you might not always know about an impending frost beforehand, if you do, you should definitely take advantage and fully prepare for it. If you don't have a charger, and won't need your vehicle for a few days during the icy cold temperatures, consider removing it and storing it somewhere safe until temperatures warm up again.

These tips will help you to prevent freezing of your current car battery. If you do find yourself stuck and your vehicle won't start, the best thing to do is call a tow truck from a company like Budget Towing Service. Once you get home, replace your battery and follow these tip to prevent your new one from freezing.