3 Symptoms That Your Car Is Unhealthy

Owning a car is very exciting. Many people look forward to the day when they will have a car that is all their own. However, owning a car is also a lot of work. It will require a lot of maintenance and attention. That is why it is important that you know how to detect problems with your car. Just like your body, you can keep it healthy by recognizing the early symptoms that there are problems. Here are some things to look for so you can keep your car healthy.

1. Leaking Fluid

A car shouldn't leak any kind of fluid. The only exception to this is a little bit of air conditioner coolant, which is blue. In some cases during the summer the car will expel a little moisture when the AC is on high. In all other situations there shouldn't be any fluid leaking from the car.

If you see red fluid coming from the car, it is a sign that you have a problem with the transmission. This can be very serious and very expensive to fix. So the moment you notice red fluid from the car, take it to a mechanic before the problem becomes too serious.

Black fluid coming from the car is generally oil. This means there is a problem with the engine. Once again this could be a sign that there is a serious problem, so do not ignore it.

2. Grinding Sound

Your car shouldn't make any loud noises while it is running. If you do hear a grinding sound, it is a sign that there is a problem mechanically with the car. For instance, the engine may not have enough oil or a belt could be out of place, among many other things. You might hear the sound while accelerating or you may hear it the moment you start the car. Whatever the circumstance, any grinding sound should be addressed immediately.

3. Squeaky Brakes

Brakes are one of the most important parts of the car. If the brakes aren't working properly, it could endanger everyone in the car. This is why it is so important that any problems with the brakes are fixed right away. The first sign that you will notice with the brakes is that they make a squeaky noise. It could be something simple like the brake pads or it could be more serious.

If you notice any of these symptoms, you should take your car into a shop, like Acheson Auto Body and Service Center West.