Tips For Buying A Used Semi Truck

Buying a used semi truck isn't that different from buying a used car. Ultimately, your goal is to purchase a truck with all major systems in good repair, even if some small repairs are needed. These tips will help you identify a truck that will perform well and meet your needs. 

Ask to See Service Records

A semi truck should be seen for service approximately every 10,000 miles, including oil changes and tune ups. The truck that you buy should come with papers that prove its maintenance history meets these service requirements. Even if the truck seems to be in good shape without this proof of service, the service records will speak volumes about the maintenance practices of the previous owner. Trucks that meet service requirements are often well cared for and worth buying.

Have a Mechanic Look at It

Bring a trusted mechanic with you to the purchase location. Traveling mechanics aren't often cheap, but the piece of mind that the traveling mechanic will give you is worth the price. Have your mechanic inspect the tires, suspension, brakes and engine as well as the other major parts of the truck. Your mechanic should be able to tell you if any one of these systems is in bad shape or in need of repair.

Perform a Personal Inspection

Inspect the outside of the truck for rust. Pay particular attention to the rear end housings. While some superficial rust is expected, deep pits of rust mean trouble. Inside the truck, sit in the driver's side and bounce up and down a little bit on the seat. Pay close attention to your comfort in the seat. Protruding springs inside the upholstery can contribute greatly to your discomfort and may cause back problems down the road. 

Verify the Cost of Replacement Parts

If your mechanic tells you that some parts of the semi truck will need to be replaced, get quotes for all those repairs before committing to the purchase. This will help you negotiate the price, and will also give you an idea of what future services and repairs will be like. If the parts for your chosen semi are difficult to find and replace, then this should be factored in as you negotiate the sale price. 

Used semi truck sales are a great way to acquire vehicles for your small business or trucking company. Following these tips, you should be able to purchase the right truck for your needs. Talk to experts like Arrow Truck Sales for more information.