Think You Don’t Need an Enclosed Trailer for Your Motorcycle? Think Again

Having the opportunity to hit the open road on a motorcycle can be exhilarating. Unfortunately, it's not always possible to transport your motorcycle simply by riding it to a new location. For those times when you need to haul your motorcycle, having a transport trailer can be convenient. There are a lot of options flooding the market when it comes to transport trailers, but few provide as many benefits as an enclosed motorcycle trailer.

Here are three reasons why you can't afford not to invest in an enclosed trailer to transport your motorcycle in the future.

1. An enclosed trailer will protect your bike from exposure to the elements.

When you are hauling your motorcycle on a transport trailer there is no way to know for sure what type of weather you will run into. Extreme sun exposure can cause your motorcycle's paint to fade, and too much heat can lead to a weak leather seat or cracked grips on your handlebars.

Instead of hoping that sun won't ruin your motorcycle as it is exposed during transport, invest in an enclosed trailer. Not only will an enclosed trailer protect your motorcycle from sun exposure, but it will protect against rain, snow, and hail as well. 

2. An enclosed trailer is more secure.

When you are transporting your motorcycle to a new destination, you may have to stop and spend the night in a hotel somewhere along the way. Leaving your motorcycle sitting exposed in an unknown town could be a recipe for disaster.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, more than 45,000 motorcycles were stolen in the year 2013 alone. If your motorcycle is insured you will be able to recover your financial losses, but the bike you made so many memories on could be lost forever. An enclosed trailer provides the opportunity to lock your motorcycle away from would-be thieves. Increased security is a good reason to invest in an enclosed trailer the next time you need to transport your bike.

3. An enclosed trailer can provide you with additional storage space.

If you are the kind of motorcycle enthusiast that has a lot of accessories for your bike, then an enclosed trailer will give you the option to transport these accessories safely.

Smaller items like helmets, aftermarket mirrors, and windshields can be difficult to tie down on an open transport trailer, but an enclosed trailer ensures these small accessories won't be lost during your trip. Larger add-ons (like a sidecar) can also be safely stowed in an enclosed trailer without fear of loss as you drive down the highway.

Investing in an enclosed trailer to transport your motorcycle just makes sense. Enclosed trailers offer protection from the weather, potential theft, and the loss of accessories and add-ons during transport. Contact a business like Ace Trailer Sales to find a motorcycle trailer for your needs.