Thinking Of Buying A Used Car? Here Are Four Tips To Use During Your Test Drive

As someone buying a used car, you likely plan to test drive a lot of cars before finding the right one. Here are some tips to keep in mind so you can find the right car for you.

Sit in the Back Seat

You may not ever plan to be in the backseat of the used car you buy, but it is a smart idea to know what your backseat passengers will experience, whether you have kids or ever plan to resell the car.

For instance, determine whether the windows and seat belts work properly. Have a dealership employee drive down the street while you are sitting in the back to get a feel for whether the ride is smooth.

Check the Rear Suspension

Rear suspensions on cars can be costly to repair, so you need to ensure you are not buying a used car with suspension problems. To do this, you just need to put something in the car's trunk.

Fill a duffle bag before the test drive, or arrive at the dealership with some old tires you can toss in the trunk. When you go on the test drive, listen very carefully for any strange sounds coming from the rear, which could indicate that something is amiss with the rear suspension.

Mimic Your Commute

If you are like most people on a test drive, you drive on streets near the dealership, as directed by the dealership employee in the car with you. However, you need to be sure the car will function smoothly on the roads you travel every day. For instance, if you drive a commute that has a lot of hairpin turns or hills, make every effort to drive the used car on those kinds of roads so you know whether it is a good choice for you.

Check the Door Jamb

Because you are looking at used cars, be aware that they may have been in accidents before. One way to determine if this is the case for the car you are test driving is to check out the door jamb. After an accident, a car might be repainted; however, sometimes the door jamb is not painted again.

After your test drive, pay attention to the jamb and determine whether it is not the same color as the other parts of the used car. A difference in color could indicate a past accident. If the car has indeed been in a crash before, you need to be certain you ask more questions so you know whether the car is a good choice.

When your test drive is over, you will know whether the used car is right for you and your needs. Be sure to visit used car dealerships, like Car Craft Auto Sales, Inc., and ask a lot of questions along the way.