What Are Some Tips For Troubleshooting An Automatic Transmission?

If you are experiencing trouble with your vehicle, it might be due to your transmission. An automatic transmission works great most of the time, but your car may also be giving you signs that it is time to have the transmission looked at. The following tips help you to look at the car's current symptoms and troubleshoot the problem.

Notice How the Vehicle Shifts Gears

You may think that a short delay in shifting gears is something that happens regularly, but it can actually signal a problem. If you notice that when you are driving up a hill or down the road and the car seems to have trouble shifting gears, it could be a problem with your transmission. It might also have difficulty when going between park and drive. If you have been driving the vehicle for a while, you should be able to notice when the gears shift and when it is having trouble. Speak to an auto repair professional if the gear shifting either refuses to occur, delays, or there is an odd sensation when trying to shift. This could be a low rumble or lack of speed momentarily.

Look for Leaking Fluids

While not all fluid leaks are related to the transmission, this is still something you should look for and have your car looked at if the leak becomes a problem. You know it is a transmission leak when the fluid is a bright red or pink color. Leaks could also be a sign that there is a serious problem brewing with your transmission, so it is not something you should ignore. Keep in mind that while transmission fluid is a red color, it might be a dark brown if it is older fluid and leaking. Some places to look for leaks include near the transmission or engine, where the filler tube base is located, or at the drain hole beneath the transmission. Aside from this, check the area beneath your car when you are parked.

Pay Attention to the Check Engine Light

Far too many drivers ignore the check engine light, assuming it is for something routine. However, this light often goes on due to any number of transmission or mechanical problems. It is imperative that when the light goes on, you don't ignore it. Bring your vehicle to a mechanic as soon as possible. They will run a series of tests and inspect your vehicle to find out if it is due to the transmission or other issues. This light works with your vehicle's sensors, so if it goes on, something is amiss.

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