Winter Safety Tips For Commercial Truck Drivers

Winter driving is challenging for everyone, but especially for those driving heavy duty commercial trucks. Not only do you need to worry about your safety, but you also need to worry about the load you are carrying for your customer. The following tips can help you keep yourself safe and on the road. Tip #1: Keep Your Maintenance Logs Up to Date Make sure to stay on top of all maintenance for your specific model of heavy duty truck. Read More 

What Are Some Tips For Troubleshooting An Automatic Transmission?

If you are experiencing trouble with your vehicle, it might be due to your transmission. An automatic transmission works great most of the time, but your car may also be giving you signs that it is time to have the transmission looked at. The following tips help you to look at the car's current symptoms and troubleshoot the problem. Notice How the Vehicle Shifts Gears You may think that a short delay in shifting gears is something that happens regularly, but it can actually signal a problem. Read More 

Thinking Of Buying A Used Car? Here Are Four Tips To Use During Your Test Drive

As someone buying a used car, you likely plan to test drive a lot of cars before finding the right one. Here are some tips to keep in mind so you can find the right car for you. Sit in the Back Seat You may not ever plan to be in the backseat of the used car you buy, but it is a smart idea to know what your backseat passengers will experience, whether you have kids or ever plan to resell the car. Read More 

How To Save Money When Purchasing A Fleet Of Commercial Cars

In your business, you might assign vehicles to your employees so that they can conduct company business. However, buying these cars can put quite a strain on your company's finances if you aren't careful. It's obviously never cheap to purchase a whole fleet of cars at once, but following a few tips can help you save money when buying them. Buy Them All at Once It might seem easier to purchase just a few cars for your fleet at a time, but you are better off buying them all at once. Read More 

Will Driverless Cars Make Your Life Better?

You may be anxiously awaiting the time when you can  purchase a car that entirely drives itself. When that day happens, you will be sitting behind the wheel but mostly as a spectator. You will be able to relax while your car does all the work and makes most of the tough decisions. The day of the fully autonomous car is not that far off, and when it does arrive, you will greatly benefit from it. Read More