Three Fun Ways To Make Money Traveling In The U.S.

So you are considering buying a RV from a place like Orangewood RV Center and traveling, but you need to have some dependable income. Here are three fun ways to make money teaching and writing that you may not have considered before. Teaching Arts and Crafts Many arts and crafts supplies stores welcome artists to give crafting and painting lessons, and most of them have a classroom or demonstration area. You can offer one or two day workshops as you travel around. Read More 

How To Reduce The Temperature In Your Car On A Hot Day Using Window Film

In summer, temperatures can climb rapidly. Inside a closed vehicle that sits all day in the sun, the average temperature is about twenty degrees hotter than the temperature outside. If you have dark upholstery, like dark blue, black or brown, your car heats up faster than a convection oven in the summer time because it attracts more of the sun's rays and holds in more heat. To reduce the temperature in your car such that you are not drowning in your own sweat on your drive home, you can use window films. Read More