Common Misconceptions Concerning Charging Your Cell Phone With A Car Charger

You carry it in your pocket, it goes with you to work, school, and everywhere else you go in a day. A cell phone is most likely one thing that you never leave home without. Unfortunately, cell phone batteries are not infinite, and you will sometimes have get recharged even when away from home. Keeping a plug-in car charger in your car is incredibly convenient. However, there are some people who refuse to use a car charger thanks to a few common misconceptions.

Misconception: Using a cell phone charger in your car will cause it to use more fuel.

Fact: The cell phone charger plugs into a lighter or other outlet that is linked to the battery of the car. Therefore, the charger is essentially drawing power only from the battery. However, the car battery is not long running on its own. The battery remains powered by a component in the motor called the alternator, which continuously runs to convert fuel to power that replenishes the energy levels in the battery. Therefore, you could say that you are getting power from fuel, but this is not a direct occurrence and when the car is running and is fairly insignificant.

Misconception: Charging your phone with a car charger will damage your phone.

Fact: Modern cell phones are designed to stop receiving power when the battery is full. Further, the car charger regulates the amount of energy delivered through a continuous circuit system. Older cell phone batteries were infamous for overheating due to too much charge, but new batteries will not have the same issue. Therefore, the risk of damaging your phone due to overcharging or surges of power is null and void.

Misconception: Using a car charger will drain your car battery.

Fact: If you are using a car charger to charge your phone when the car is not running, there is a small chance that it could drain too much power from your battery. However, this would only be the case if you have an extremely weak battery already. When your vehicle is running, the alternator will supply enough energy to eliminate any concerns. If you believe your charger is too much of a tax on your battery, keeping a spare cell phone battery with you is always an option.

You may have to rely on a cell phone when you are away from the house and having the ability to charge your phone on the go is an all out necessity. Make sure you do not let misconceptions about charging your cell phone battery with a car charger lead you to believe that this is not a good idea. For more information, contact companies like Battery Contact.