Don’t Let Auto Body Damage Drag You Down

If you've been involved in an accident and your car or truck has a few dents and dings in its body, you have more problems on your hands than a cosmetic mess. Some major changes could affect the way you drive, spend gas money and stay safe on the road. Before dismissing a few dents as a minor problem, consider a few hazards that may cost you more if you delay.

Gas Costs From Resistance

Vehicles are designed to resist the force of standing and oncoming wind as much as possible. The faster you drive, the more aerodynamic drag your vehicle has to deal with. Most parts of a modern car's auto body design are meant to reduce that resistance, along with other features such as assisting with turning and staying stable against the ground.

When your car's body is damage, the shape and purpose of the vehicle (also known as aerodynamic profile) can be changed dramatically. Your vehicle may have to work harder just to continue driving at the same speed, which means you'll be consuming more gas on the same trip.

The engine may have to deal with a lot more stress to maintain higher speeds, a problem made more erratic as your speed changes and resistance won't be the same during every second of driving. A few dents could cost you a few cents at the pump every time, or it may cost a lot of money as the engine wears down at a faster rate.

Pulling And Veering At High Speeds

Certain dents can change your vehicle's aerodynamic behavior in more ways than just slowing down.

Consider the scenario of a car driving down the road during a storm with high winds. When wind comes from any given direction, there's a chance that the vehicle may be pushed in that direction due to sheer force. If your vehicle has dents in certain places, you may have a gradual force that pushes in a similar way.

Certain dents may funnel the air around your vehicle in a way that pushes or pulls your driving direction at a certain angle. Your vehicle may veer off to the side slightly, requiring constant correction. For long drives, you may find yourself dangerously coasting into the wrong lane when your attention wanes and the car's aerodynamic profile is in charge.

Visit an auto body repair shop, such as Select Collision Centers Inc., to take care of the problem before aerodynamic drag ruins your vehicle and your wallet even more.