Home Is Where Your Trailer Hitch Takes It: How Micro-Homes Are Built And Moved

Since some of the very first micro-homes were featured on cable TV programs, more and more people have invested in trailers and trailer hitches. They use the trailers as the floorboard for their tiny houses, and anytime they want to pick up and move, they simply attach a trailer hitch to their main mode of transportation, connect the trailer/tiny houses to the hitches and their vehicles, and drive off. If this is something you are considering doing, here is how the tiny houses are built and moved.

All Tiny Houses Start with a Trailer

Depending on the number of rooms and special features you want in your micro-home or tiny house, you will select a utility trailer that fits your needs. The smallest recommended trailer for this project is eighteen feet, while the largest trailer recommended is twenty-six feet long (the size of a small ranch home). If you buy a trailer, the building materials and the plans to build the entire house yourself, just be aware that the bigger the trailer, the more expensive it gets. That may defeat the purpose of downsizing your home or avoiding the expensive purchase price of a standard RV.

Follow Floor Plans Designed by Someone Else or Create Your Own

There are many floor plans for micro-homes and tiny houses available online now. There are even companies that specialize in the design and/or construction of these "trailer homes". You can get plans for free, buy copyrighted plans from a company, or create your own. Some people who have decided to create their own floor plans are able to incorporate more storage space for food, books and even a flat screen TV in their tiny space. Whatever you choose, the entire house is built on the bed of the trailer and leaves the hitch exposed for towing purposes.

Connecting Your Micro-Home or Tiny House to Your Car or Truck

It is NOT recommended that you put a hitch on a car and use the car to tow your new little house. These little homes, though small, tend to be incredibly heavy, especially after you have added a small closet of clothing, a pantry filled with food, etc. You could be looking at a ton to two tons or more that this trailer now has sitting securely on top of it, and the hitch on your car combined with less engine power could seriously damage a car's engine or cause the hitch to rip off the back end of your car. Instead, install a trailer hitch on a truck, and then you are free to tow your tiny house anywhere you want to go.

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